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Our Confirmation database currently contains 1,031 records from 1925 through 1973, for the following Church:

Good Shepherd Lutheran | English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension 

Our Lady of Mercy,

Diocese of Brooklyn, Diocesan Archives

The Diocesan Archives contains nearly 8,000 cubic feet of records, including records of closed schools and parishes. This database includes the records of the following churches:
Our Lady of Mercy (1858-1920) was located at Schermerhorn Street, near Bond Street, Brooklyn  459 records.

The Diocesan Archives does not charge a fee for sacramental records needed for church use. We do ask for a donation of at least $25 to cover the cost of staff time to research all other requests. Please make your check or money order payable to the ‘R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn’. Send your request using the "Brooklyn Diocese Request Form" on the search results page or on the Diocesan Archives web page to the following mailing address:
      R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn
      Office of the Archivist
      310 Prospect Park West
      Brooklyn, NY 11215
Note: If you are not the individual whose record is being requested please provide proof of death if the person is deceased or power of attorney if the person is still living. 

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Francis Lewis Boulevard at 100th Avenue
Bellaire (Queens), NY 11429

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Bellaire, Queens, New York was organized April 1, 1925.  The cornerstone for their church building was laid on September 20, 1925. Due to changing demographics in Bellaire, the congregation disbanded, holding their last service on September 9, 1973. In 1973 the congregation merged with the Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in Fort Salonga, Long Island, and the organ and stained glass windows were moved there. The Good Shepherd church register is now located at the Abiding Presence Lutheran Church.

The records in this index include: Confirmations    1925 - 1973

The register entries include much additional information such as birth & baptism dates and parents’ names.

All requests for records of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church must be in writing (a form is available following a successful search).  A donation of at least five dollars ($5.00) is requested (payable to Abiding Presence Lutheran Church) for each individual genealogical record for which they are asked to search. You will receive a scanned image of the register entry. Please send your request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (or an email address if you would like to receive the results that way) to the following address:

Good Shepherd Record Request
Abiding Presence Lutheran Church
4 Trescott Path
Fort Salonga, NY 11768 

The English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension
Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York

The church was located at Thirteenth Ave and Fifty First Street, in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York. This database holds the following records:
Confirmations 1909 - 1952, 214 records

When writing, please give as much information as possible along with the book number, page and entry number, which can be found in the search results for this database. A form for this purpose can be downloaded by clicking the “Documents & Forms” button that will appear directly after your search results.

We will provide an image of the original hand-written church register. You must include an e-mail address so we can send a digital image of the record, which will enable you to enlarge it for viewing.

If you find a record of interest, send a written request with a donation check payable to German Genealogy Group of $3.00 for each record requested to:

German Genealogy Group
ATTN: Record Request
P.O. Box 1004
Kings Park, NY 11754-1004

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As part of our Heritage Preservation Program, members of the German Genealogy Group have spent many hours computerizing indices to the various church records on this web site. We are grateful to the Pastors of the Churches for allowing us to make these indexes available to genealogists all over the world.

If you would like to contribute time to other current
Heritage Preservation projects, please contact us by clicking here.

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