GGG - German Genealogy Group

Officers and Committee Chairpersons


  • President: vacancy
  • Vice President: Phyllis Sternemann
  • Treasurer: Jill McGirr
  • Secretary: Kathryne Natale

   President Emerita: Elizabeth Lovaglio

Board of Directors

          *  Jill McGirr
          *  Jean King
James Pelzer
          *  Bill Leonhardt
          *  Merrill Loechner

          *  Kathryne Natale
          *  Phyllis Sternemann
          *  Mark Waldron
          *  Mary Ann Koferl
Committee Chairpersons

  • Database Administrator: Mark Waldron
    Facebook Manager: Merrill Loechner
  • Hospitality: vacancy 
  • Mentoring: vacancy
  • Membership: Mark Waldron
  • Newsletter Editors: Phyllis Sternemann and Jean King
  • Newsletter Printing & Mailing: Tom Risinger
  • Orientation Sessions: Carol Maguire
  • Programs: Mary Ann Koferl
  • Publicity/Advertising: Eileen Swanberg
  • Surname List: Eileen Swanberg
    Webinar Technical Team: Gillian Gail, Merrill Loechner, Tom Risinger
  • Website Admin Team:
    • Mark Waldron - Manager
    • Donna Smith - Newsletter page
    • Eileen Swanberg - Surname List page
    • Gillian Gail - Meeting Recordings page (alternate)

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