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Onderdonk House - Biographical Index File (190,688 records)

This database was created from the biographical index card file of the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society (GRHS) located at The Onderdonk House in Ridgewood, Queens, New York.  It includes references to births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, cemetery information, and other types of records.  The dates covered by the database begin in 1590 and run through 2007.
If a researcher wants a photo copy or scan of a card found in the database, the first card is free, 2-10 cards are $5.00.  If more cards are required, please request an estimate from GRHS.  Requests may be made by email (preferred) or regular mail.  No phone requests can be accepted.  Payment may be made using PayPal through the Onderdonk House website <>, or by check via US mail.
Email requests should be sent to:
Mail requests should be sent to:
Greater Ridgewood Historical Society
Attn:  Research
1820 Flushing Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11358

All request must include ALL of the information from the search results.
Additionally, staff at Onderdonk House can conduct research on your ancestors.  The first hour is free.  They will then provide you with an estimate of how much more time would be needed to complete your research request.  The charge is $25/hour.  You can then decide if the project with GRHS should move forward. 

Records Search: Onderdonk House

Please note that the Surname (e.g. Last Name) is a required entry field. But since exact spellings are not always known, to aid your search we offer three different ways to specify Surnames...

  1. Exact Match ("is exactly") - This is the default surname search method.
  2. Soundex ("sounds like") - This option enables you to specify a surname spelling it out as best you can, and it will return results that "sound" similar to what you spelled out.
  3. Wild Card - With this option you can replace part of the surname with a * to match any number of letters, or _ to match a single letter. So for example, Sch* will return all names starting with Sch. Similarly, Schl_tz might return results such as Schlitz or Schlotz. 

NOTE: The wild card option applies ONLY to the surname. You can just enter the first few letters of a First Name; the search automatically adds a wild card to the end of the First Name.

For whichever of the above surname search options you would like to use, simply select the appropriate radio button option below the input field on the form. Although the additional form fields are optional, providing as much information as you can helps narrow your search. The more specific your search, the less time you need spend scrolling through search results!

Check the Database "About" tab to see how to obtain copies of the records.


* Matches multiple characters. 
_ Matches one single character.


The German Genealogy Group wishes to thank all the following Volunteers for their help and participation....

Scanning Volunteers:

Don Eckerle * Janice Lascala * John Reynolds * Rich Winter * Harry Bell

Indexing Volunteers:
 Janice Bernhardt * Kelly Bodami * Sue Bouraoui * Sally Bruckheimer * Mary Anne Cella * Janice Clauer * Erin Daley-McGovern * Suzanne Danet * Peter Drew * Arlene Dyrvik * Laura Eckerle * Kathy Field * Bill Forshay * Bill Forster * Marilyn Grosbeck * Carl Gruber * Betsy Haller * Cheryl Hannan * Joan Holmes * Sue Irvine * Linda Jackson * Colleen Justice * Stephen Kane * Virginia Keller * Stacy Kerr * Maurice I. Kessler * Phebe Kirkham * AnnMarie Lahti * Robert Landau * Cristina Laszcz * Donna Lembo * Louise Linck * Cynthia Link * Nancy Mauro Lowell * Linda Mallalieu * Marianne Mantoen * Karen Massoni * Jill McGirr * John Mezzacappa * Nancy Miles * Rose Mirabella * Barbara Murphy * John Nardi * Regina Negrycz * Phillip Nensel * Candace Nourse-Hatch * Rhonda Nurnberger * Erin O'Malley * Susan Parilis * Donna Parrone * Mary Pasi * Rebekah Peterson * Heather Pollard * Bonnie Popet * Nicole Price * Nancy Profit * Barbara Puster * Debra Rakoczy * Elizabeth Ratigan * Michael Reich * Loretta M. Riccardelli * Gary Roberts * Nima Schierloh * Debi Schmalbach * Henry F Schreiber * Valeri J Shafer * Alexandra Shand * Beth Shutts * Helen Siebert * Susan Speers * Robin H Stone * Gaye Tannenbaum * Donna Taub * Susan Taylor * Cathy Tipton * Jeanne Turner * Pat Uhrmann * Nanci Vaeth * Pat VanLandingham * Susan VonBergen * Larry Weingartner * Judy Weinstein * Jean Wharton * Teresa Wilson * Helen Wolf * Kim Yeck * Brian Youens

A special thank you to Suzanne Danet, who took over this project and brought it to completion!

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